May 10, 2018
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Hi all,

So FM 2019 is now on pre order and I'm already starting to think about the save/story I'll kick off the new game with. But I'm torn between a few ideas with all of them appealing to me in different ways, and am looking for you guys to point me in the right direction of the type of stories you prefer to read....whatever you lot vote, I'll roll with. Here's a few ideas but feel free to comment if you have any others....

1. A worldwide journeyman save with the aim of starting with no experience or qualifications and working my way up through the ranks. No real goals apart from working a football manager career to achieve as much as I can.

2. A European journeyman save. Same as above but restricting my activities to Europe only.

3. A UK journeyman save. Same as above but restricted to just England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

4. Start with a Conference South/North team and work my way up through England only in career mode, moving around clubs.

5. Start with a Conference South/North side and look to take that one team all the way to the top without moving around clubs.

6. Start as a reputable figure in football (maybe a recently retired footballer), with some coaching qualifications to get a more reputable starting job and take it from there, but still starting unemployed.....a bit of a head start on the journeyman save.

7. Start with a top club and look to achieve quick success and go on to worldwide domination.

8. Chasing the money.....the coveted mercenary save looking to become the highest paid manager in football starting from the very bottom.

9. As a Gillingham supporter, I've never actually played football manager as the mighty Gills. Do I take over here and look to take my beloved club to the very top?

10. The Sir Alex Ferguson challenge (taking over from the Prem team in 19th).

What I wanna know, is what do you guys want to see? What stories do you prefer to read about? Like I said, whatever you guys vote for from the above is where I'll start on the new FM next month!
I vote for no.10 because widely i have seen some of the SAF stories by ILoveLamp and etc
I don't recall seeing a Gillingham save, so I would be interested to see you take them on; especially since you support them.
Just stay away from Bilbao lol as thats what I am going to do. Will be following whatever you choose
I say go for the mercenary save, it's probably one of my favourites to follow
#1. Always #1. I personally only follow the journeyman and become-a-player saves on here. EDIT: That's not a 100% strict rule, I just find I lose interest in the single-club saves.

If not the worldwide journeyman, then I'd say #8. Mercenary saves are awesome.

I would personally not follow a story where you stayed at a specific club or limited it to just the UK.

All the best!