What Happens If...


Feb 14, 2006
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Over The course of one season you use more than 99 players. what happens to the squad numbers or is there a limit on how many players you can use in a season?
hmm i hate big squads so i have never been able to tell :p. someone should go chelsea and try sign 100 players
Not quite sure, I guess it would be quite hard to use 99 different players, but I suppose it might let you unregister a player you no longer have.
Why dont we assign someone to do it with chelsea and real madridand maybe LA Galaxy and just buy loads of cheap players and play a different team every week, then report back what the results are.
lmao real madrid chelsea....la galaxy :p. i will try it with chelsea tonight
Does it matter...? Even if it did let you use the number 100 are you gonna sign 100 players just so one of your players has the number 100 or are you just looking for faults in the perfect game :p
i might try it later, just need to sign like 50 players before player registration
i promise i will do this tonight after work will go someone random and just sign a **** load of players :D
Some teams will already be close to the limit wont they if they have alot of Reserve and u19 players.
ok what ill do is i will go a scot third div side and edit there rep and money etc make them the new chelsea and just go ******* nuts with it
u could go a brazilian side cos they have absolutely shitloads of reserves and u-19s
Well i did it last night with East Fife no problem had 122 players...then realised the scot lower leagues have no numbers lmao so im trying it with chelsea
LMAO! bet you felt like a right *** wasting that time.