Oct 22, 2011
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When you're NOT winning everything - you strive to win everything.
It causes frustration and gets you punching walls like NOTHING else in the ENTIRE world does.

When you start winning everything - you get bored...
So you seek a new challenge, even tho YOU KNOW all the anger that is coming... the pain... the suffering.

AMAZING stress relief of a game.

Especially on the weekends, before i go out with my annoying friends to a bar or club full of even more annoying loud music and people. To add to that i also want to **** this one PARTICULAR chick who is from Sweden and drunk and i can't understand a ******* word she is saying and she keeps talking for some reason...

I'm like a ******* monk from some sort of dynasty... like a calm river... and people are like...
''How are you always so chill?'' and little do they know i just ******* went through a injury crisis where i didn't have proper strikers to finish my chances, the 'wonder-regen' i had high hopes for turned out to be ******* ****, Alen Halilovic just HAD to leave my club and i drew 7 games in a row and lost the title in the last game of the season because i got - as we say ''FM'ed'' and didn't take any of my chances.

Whenever i hang out with my family and they ask 'When are you going to grow up and start being responsible?'... honestly, it used to get to me... these days i'm just like 'I just lost a CL final, because for some reason Balotelli is VERY GOOD on this game... this is nothing...'

Nothing will ever make my blood boil as much as this type of ****...
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I might also take this game a little too seriously, but that's just me...

just switch it to commentary and half of your frustration will disappear.