Jun 19, 2010
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So, I read somewhere that tiki taka is neither attacking nor defensive tactic. It relies solely on controlling the ball, the team is always in possession. So I thought they prolly mean the standard strategy in fm? It is neither attacking or defensive. So I kept on reading and found a blog with some guy saying that perfect mentality for a player is right down the middle. The player is given a choice of what to do in every given moment. So then I read a text from Tomislav Ivic, a great expert, who said the perfect way for team to attack and defend is to have them all on equall mentality. SO in terms of fm, i started thinking of very fluid philosophy. That would also mean not using any playmaker roles, as they have slightly different mentalities. That would also mean not using overlap and exploit flanks/middle shouts. So I took a peak at barcelona, and it seems they were using a 4-5-1 formation. So I read about that formation and found out it is best used with 2 box to box midfielders, and a strong striker. Barcelona is using wingers and inside forwards on the flanks, and I found out that system offers great attacking variety, and also those roles don't require creativity. Also, all of those roles primary attribute is dribbling, so I was thinking of run at defence shout. Barcelona plays on a large pitch, uses whole pitch, and plays a lot of through balls, so I was thinking of pass to space shout. That expert also said pressing is a great way to help mantaining possession and it is most efficient on a narrow width. So I was thinking of play narrow shout. Oddly enough, it kept my passing focus at mixed with this formation, and my width was exactly narrow with standard strategy. So anyway, this is becoming another wall of text, so if you are willing to recreate it yourself, go ahead, and if you don't want to bother, download my version here:

Tiki Taka.tac

And here are the pics:

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All the sliders have been moved by creator itself. You don't need to use any shouts, the tactic is plug'n'play. It also hasn't been thoroughly tested, I only played a few games with it, and it may need additional work. But if you feel like testing, give it a go...
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