What is the best lower league download?


Nov 8, 2009
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Hi i want to download the best possible lower league download and just wondered which one is best recommended. I say this as i first downloaded the Andxi's level 8 England download a few weeks ago and discovered that the FA Cup wasn't the same format as real lifewhich put me off playing it.
Then i few days ago i downloaded the new Uncle Ron's download to level 7 & 8 and was excited that it included County cups, i was playing it with no problems until the draws for the county cups appeared and i discovered that the likes of Man Utd and Chelsea were not only in their own regional competitions but Man Utd were also in the Hampshire one and every other regional cup and when looking at their fixture list it looked ridiculous.
Sorry for the long message and i no it sounds petty when i say these minor things put me off playing the game, but again i really want to play level 7 and 8 football and need someone's opinion on the best download with out mistakes

Super Bladesman is imo the best lower league DB !
Where about's can i find it, i think i used his download for a previous football manager