What is the best tactic in fm 2011 11.2.1


Jun 11, 2010
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what is the best tactic in fm 2011 for sevilla and tottenham ?
Tottenham....just started this game so I can help. Just like in real life you can use a 4-4-1-1 with

Bale and Lennon on wings/attack
Palacios - CM/defend
Modric - CM/adv. playmaker support
VDV - AMC/support
Defoe - Adv. Forward

Counter is probably the best unless you know how to work the sliders. You have to play a slow attack because if you don't Defoe will be stranded up top and dribble right into the defense, you have to let the attack develop slowly to get guys forward

Against tougher teams you can set Bale to defensive winger, and your right fullback to defend, which helps because Lennon does nothing on defense.

Against easier teams you can push Lennon and Bale up and play a 4-2-3-1, but you have to watch your defense in that case because Modric doesn't help. Lennon plays a lot better as an AMR than MR.

Sometimes this won't work and they'll overwhelm your lone striker, so you have to replace VDV with a 2nd striker like Crouch (target man support) or Pavluchenko (deep-lying/support).
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thanks mate.

are you have best tactic's link for 11.2.1

ı want a instant tactic :D

goals galore 2011(kofloks) v5 11.2.1? tottenham ??
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