What is the Raumdeuter actually good at?


Apr 10, 2024
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Hi everyone! I'm investigating the roles in attack and I kinda struggle with the Raumdeuter. I'm running some tests and I'm failing so far to see what is the Raumdeuter actually good at and why would you use a player as such over other roles.

I really want to hear those of you that actually PLAY WITH A RAUMDEUTER and can share WHY do you use a player like that, WHAT do you feel their biggest benefit to the team is and HOW do they fit in the system?

What I have found so far - the Raumdeuter has:

more dribbles / 90 compared to IF A/IW A/Trequartista, a similar amount to the wide AP(A)

more passes and progressive passes / 90 than IF A/IW A

relatively high xA, similar to T/AP(A)

fewer shots per 90 than IW/IF

looses posession more than IW/IF

shoots less and scores less / 90 compared to IF A/IW A

This does not sound like an "essentially a wide poacher" to me ... more like a lazier AP (A) that takes more risks and looses the ball because of that