Apr 15, 2010
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There must be something wrong with this game. Ive started a career with Southampton i understand that its going to be difficult to keep them in the league but there must be something to going on with the game, on 3 separate occasions I've been 3 or 4-0 up in the 70th min. I then go on to draw the game. On one occasions I'm playing Aston Villa I'm 3-0, 70 mins gone and they get a man sent off and they still come back to draw what is going on, its utterly ridiculous.
Can not say that I have come across this at all. Have u changed any training settings ? Or during the matches do you see many of your players at 60-70%? Or you make some really bad subs ? Otherwise I do not know mate
I find that a lot of it has to do with tactics, is it away games or at home? Do you change tactics at the time you start to concede goals? Are you using players that are confident/ Have good morale? Perhaps you are using subs too soon I sometime wait to the 80th minute, this shows confidence in the starting 11. Also when you do make subs look at both level of fitness as well as perfomance. I sometimes keep a lower fitness level, but better performing player on the pitch.

Still it sounds weird you would concede that many goals, at such a late time of the game. But I hope these suggestions at least help a little.
alot of people have complained about this but they all say its only when have 3d match engine on try putting it so replays are off and only watch match with comentry only then see if that works