Dec 12, 2010
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As the title states. I know there is a Post your Success thread, this is just a specific.
Doesn't have to be the biggest, although some 10-0 would be good to see.
Personal ones too, over rivals especially.

Post away.
i was wolves manager as i am a wolves supporter we won 4-0 league cup semis against west brom
got into final and beat tottenham 1-0
MY biggest is 7-0 With Manchester United Vs Manchester City and i remember one win with 13-0 Man Untd Vs Southampton Sergio Aguero Scored 9 times I think I have a Pic
6-0 v chelsea i was united played hernandez he scored 4 assited 1 total ownage lol
All three of them came in spring of 2013, won the Spanish league and Champions league in the end... These are my favorite games
manchester united 3-4 wigan. i was wigan and i was away at old trafford. was loosing 3-2 with 10 mins left and rodallega got 2 within 5 mins. hanged on for the victory, best feeling ever!
in FM10 I got a 13 goal game once, but it was a friendly. I was Arsenal.
In my 1st season with Blackpool. I had Chelsea away 2nd last game of the season, I thought oh this is going be a 4-0 lost or something and that will relegate me but somehow I won 1-0 away! Best result. Now that I moved to Everton my best result was either being 2-0 down to Wolves to win 3-2 or beating Arsenal 1-0.
I was managing Dover Athletic in the lowest controllable league in england blue square south after finishing second and getting promotion and buying new players in the pre season friendly at the start of season 2 i beat leicester city 4-2 they are many a league higher than me so it was quite amazing. Gifton Noel-Williams was a coup!