What part of the year do you like most in Football Manger?

What part of the season you love most

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Oct 24, 2009
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What part of the year do you like most in Football Manger?

A: The pre-season, signing new players, make predictions, creating tactics and training, testing all players in friendlies?
B: The first half season, seeing how your summer signings develop and blend in your team and hopefully go up in the rankings?
C: The winter, sign 1 or 2 players to complete your squad on the weaker positions and looking forward to the second half of the season?
D: The end of the season. Win prizes you played for all year. Each match it crucial.

I chose B and then D :)

Ps, wait 1 minute before poll options are up!
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D by far, i like the rewarding feeling i get from finding out i got how ever much profit that month:)
All the very end of season changes, ie. new youth, fixture list etc. :)
I like D. But like A as well.
Interesting poll, good thread. I like C, personally.
I enjoy A the most probably, love searching for new players etc, its fun :)
A. I like to scope out regen youth players and add them to my squad for the future. I try and always look 5 years ahead. Winning silverware at the end of the season feels good, but not as good as when you have a Juggernaut of a team that you've nurtured from schoolboys.
I enjoy my game throughout the season, but the first half is good, i always like to see how my summer signings get on. And pre-season is good for having a look at your reserves and youths
The Pre Season is such a buzz, especially the build up to the big match to see how your signings get on.
A, D, B, C. In that order.
My best one is C as i like the winter window
Voted winter but not because of the transfer window. Fixtures (EPL) always get very congested around the holiday season, with games sometimes just 2 dayes apart, so if that goes well you know you're going to have a good season.