What should I do with Lucas Ocampos? (I'm AS Monaco)

Mar 25, 2013
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I finished the first season with a promotion (won the league on the last day), and he has progressed rapidly. I'm also going to be in the Euro Cup because of my cup win. Good stuff. Now, my issue is that in Ligue 1, you are only allowed to play 4 non-EU players. For the Champions league, there is a requirement of 4 homegrown players.

Right now, Ocampos is 18 and has finished a year of training with me, and will have home grown status by 2015. (it's 2013 now) However, to get citizenship for Monaco, you must live there for 10 years.... So because of time constraints, I can either get him Spanish citizenship (loan to a spanish club, only 2 years for citizenship if you're south american) or have him train with me, and achieve home grown status. I was considering loaning him now, and get 1 year of citizenship requirement out of the way, and then get homegrown status, then loaning him again to a Spanish club for citizenship, so I'd have both. However, he's already very good right now, and I don't know if I want to give up twp years of one of my best player's careers.

any tips on what I should do?
When I played as MONACO I kept him. He was very good and kept improving. And I carefully planned the 4 non-eu slots so there was no problem.

Also bear in mind that, if you are successfull you will have a lot of cup competitions where no such restrictions apply so you can have more than 4 non-eus and use the ones not registered for the league in the cups.