Nov 1, 2012
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Hey guy's I started a save with Newcastle United a few days ago , my current achievements so far are :

  • 12/13 - 2nd in the EPL 7 points behind Man city , League cup winners
  • 13/14 - 5th in the EPL 4 points behind Man city (1st) top 6 was extremely tight , semi-finals of champions league and League cup winners
  • 14/15 - 2nd in EPL 4 points behind Man city , quarter finals UEFA Cup

I haven't really bought anyone apart from Mirallas , Douglas Costa , Leandro Damiao and Medel , am I overachieving or underachieving? this is my current squad :


Am just wondering as to what you'd expect that squad to achieve , and what positions do you believe needs heavy investment.
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Hm, just thinking your tactic needs some tweaking...

First, I wouldn't have all my "attacking players" on attack and the rest on support and/or defense roles. Put you AMC on support, and I wouldn't recommend Trequartista - try Advanced Playmaker.
Second put one of your DM's to a more attacking/supporting role, like a mix of support/defense or DLP/DM or something.
Both CB's on BPD? Hmmmm... don't know if that's so smart, but it could work. Still I would put only one as BPD and the other as CD.
Third I would only play a SK with a high defensive line. No sense in having a SK when you play a deep defensive line.

IMO it's mostly player roles (and formation) but seldom the players themselves.