What Team Talks Mean - post by Wwfan at SI


Dec 5, 2008
Essential reading really. This basically covers what the team talk options 'mean' - which can be very different from what you'd think they mean...

The General Discussion forum has thrown up a lot of issues about team talks. Although there are two exceptional team talk threads already available, Communication and Psychological Warfare and Woifsong's Guide to Teamtalks, theay are both quite long and were written for FM08. This thread has no intention of doing the job they did, which is far greater reaching and detailed than I could ever hope to achieve. My only intention here is to provide a quick reference guide to how I translate each team talk option, which has generally been successful in FM09.


To know what to say in a team talk, you have to look at the context of the match, the make up of your squad and its relationship with you, your own reputation, morale and motivation feedback and individual player performances. A raw and ungelled squad will often need different feedback than a match hardened bunch that have played together for years. Being 2-0 up at home to West Brom is far different than being 2-0 away at the Arsenal, and should be treated so. Telling a determined squad to be professional or buck their ideas up will work, whereas telling a more flaky one will backfire, with greater degrees of encouragement being required.Sometimes a 3-0 win is no more than an expected result, at other times it is exceptional. Be prepared to use different full-time talks based on your expectations of the result rather than the final result itself.

Pre-Match: Team

We can win this: This will be a tight match, but if we play to the best of our ability we can win this
Wish luck: I think we'll struggle here, but with a bit of fortune we might get something out of the game, so good luck boys
I expect a win: We are by far and away the better side so I expect us to get all three points
For the fans: A good professional job should bring us the three points, so go out, play well and give the fans their money's worth
No pressure: We have next to no chance here, so go out and do the best you can.
Result will come: We are comfortably the superior side so as long as you play in the manner you are capable, we'll win this.

Pre-Match: Individual

Faith in your ability: I know you’ve been struggling recently, but I have real faith in your ability and am sure you are going to do a good job today
No Pressure: Just go out there and do your best
Expect a Performance: I expect to see a lot of effort and focus from you today. Show me what you are capable of.
Pick Up from Last Time: You were magnificent last match and I want you to repeat it this time.
Expect Better: You had a shocker last match and I want to see the real you today.

Half Time: Team

Encourage: We've played well, but with a little more effort we can make sure of the result
Pleased: You've done far better than expected. Well done boys and keep it up.
Delighted: Unbelievable performance. Beyond my wildest dreams.
No team talk: You've done about as well as expected
For the fans: Keep it professional and get the result
Disappointed: You aren't playing well. Sort it out.
Angry: Totally unacceptable performance. Pull your fingers out or else
Don't let your performance drop: You haven't played well but are leading. Make sure they don't get back into this

These are supplemented by a few slightly different options that mean almost the same thing, but appear in different scenarios and can give you an idea as to why the team isn’t playing well (i.e. issues of complacency rather than being outplayed technically):

We can win this: With a little more effort and luck, we can grab a win here
See more from you: You are losing because you aren't putting enough effort in
Get a result: You have put next to no effort in and deserve to be losing. There is no excuse for this and I expect a big performance second half.
Unlucky not to be winning: You have played far better than I expected and should be leading. Keep it up and we can win this.
Don't get complacent: You are winning, but aren’t really putting enough effort in. I want you to work harder this half

Half Time: Individual

Declare your Anger: Given your reputation and ability, that is a totally unacceptable performance. Sort it out!
Tell of Disappointment: You are too good to be playing like this and I expect to see more second half.
Faith in your Ability: You haven’t had a good half but I’m sure you can change that around
Pleased: You’ve had a great half, son. Go out and do it again.
Delighted: You’ve pretty match won us the match by yourself. Great performance.
No Pressure: Forget this half and just go out and give your best.
You can make the difference: You’re playing well and with a little more luck and effort can win this for us.
Prove a point: Show me you are worth your place in the team.

Full Time: Team

Angry: You’ve let yourself, the club, the fans and me down with that performance.
Disappointed: I expect more than this. We didn’t deserve anything out of this match.
Sympathize: We played well and were unlucky not to get something more out of this match
No Team Talk: No better and no worse than expected
Pleased: You played very well. Well done to all of you.
Delighted: You surpassed my every expectation. Fantastic performance, boys.
Warn against Complacency: That was only just about good enough and I expect to see better next match
Perform like that every week: Great result and far, far better than recent performances. Try to keep this up.

Full Time: Individual

Angry: You haven’t played anywhere close to your ability and have let the whole team down.
Disappointed: You’ve not played well and I’m upset with your performance.
Did Well: I was pleased with your performance today. You tried hard and played well.
Delighted: You were our match winner today and deserve the highest praise possible