What Tie for which Shirt? (The un-Gay Fashion Thread)


Dec 15, 2010
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Hi Guys,​

I have been bought four lovely shirts from TM Lewin for Xmas and would love to wear them for work for meetings and ****. However I have a real problem in matching ties with patterned shirts.... plain shirts are easy but striped are difficult. (Yes you know you're getting old when you enjoy getting work shirts for xmas...:S)

Not only do you have to consider pattern but colour has to be right so that you don't 'tone down' the shirt.

So I need your help to suggest the types of ties I should consider for the following shirts.

1) Cut away collar, thin blue pinstripe, double cuffed.
2) Cut away collar, thin red pinstripe (maybe more marroon), double cuffed
3) Normal Collar, Thick Navy striped shirt
4) Easy one, Nice crisp white double cuffed shirt - Make it look snazzy?!

You can also use this thread as a fashion one? Let us no what brands, looks you're rocking at the moment and also to ask for advice when you're looking to clobber up.