What to do when you've achieved your 'goals' on a save?

Nov 23, 2010
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Hi guys, on my save I'm in 2022 with Newcastle (the club I support), and have achieved everything that I set out to do. I've won the CL 5 times in a row, won the PL 3 times in a row, most reputable club in the world ect ect. I'm also the England manager too. I've really enjoyed the save, but recently it's started to become a bit repetitive. So I was just wondering what some other people do when they get to this stage? Should I stick with Newcastle and try and beat Fergie's records? Quit and focus solely on England? I'm open to any ideas, thanks!
Erm you ve already spent too much time with the save imho ...

Start another save with a different team- nice idea is FIORENTINA with the recent updates (squad features M. GOMEZ/G. ROSSI/JOAQUIN/JOVETIC)
Once I get to a point like you are I tend to do one of two things. Either jump to other club in the same league or a level or two lower and attempt to build them up to challenge my old club, or move to a different country all together and try to work my way up the leader boards.
I enjoy it a little more working with all the regens as it becomes a little harder to hunt down players.
When I am bored of a save because it is repetitive and there is nothing left to achieve like you, I either move countries, set new challenges (Like making an all English team, or I was trying to go the season unbeaten in every competition)... or just start a new save entirely! :)
Try resigning, holiday your game for a year or two, maybe holiday in game them go out for a night out or whatever, when you come back cancel the holiday. Then comeback as the same manager. By that time new players will be around and the Newcastle you have built wont be so dominant. I find if you join another team immediately after building a power house its hard to beat them.
Thanks guys! That's a good idea Scotty, I only have 2 English starters so that could be interesting. And thanks for the idea Ryano, the reason why I didn't want to take another job was because any job available felt like a backwards step, so I might do that. :)