Jun 15, 2010
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Got him for 11 mil, transfer listed. He's a striker, but i'm not sure what to do with him. What training shall I put him on, whats his best position, how do I get the most out of him?
You using the LFCMarshall update? I used him pre-update in my Arsenal save, but used him as a winger and he scored some amazing goals! Train him as an AM if you can and use him as a Treq.
I'll try that, I used an update midway through january.
Play him as a poacher, and have shouts as ( Pass into space, Work ball into box )
Play him as a poacher, and have shouts as ( Pass into space, Work ball into box )

Using pass into space shout effects the whole team though, so might not be a good idea, however if you set him as your target man, with the supply as "To run onto" then that will get the desired effect :D

However, this won't work with teams playing with a deep line, as there won't be any space to run onto!
He destroys teams when I play him deep lying forward partnered with a poacher
Winger, advanced forward (lone striker) or backup striker (still does a good job as a deep lying if that's what you regularly play and your first team strikers injured/not fit). Why buy players randomly like that for so much money? You can find much more effective solutions shopping cheaply. Whenever I spend that kind of money I make sure he can fit in my first 11 or at least the bench if I'm a big club. Keep in mind he's actually very consistent if you can keep an eye out more on him during pre/post match, half time talks and also during the year keeping his moral high.