Jun 25, 2010
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Wouldn't mind some help from you lads on what I should do within my career.

I started off as England under 21s manager then got the Leeds job in January 2014. I missed out on promotion after getting knocked out in the playoffs but went up the following season finishing second. I am currently in January in my first season in the prem where I am sitting 10th. You may think what is wrong with this however, I wanted this to be a journeyman career as I didn't plan on a team to start with. I have wanted to be Bilbao manager after reading stories on here and the job has just come up.

I thought I would declare my interest in it and they have offered me the job. I thought I would be able to accept and move at the end of the season or delay my decision till the end of the season but I can't as I am not in the final 3rd of the season.

So what do I do? Do I jump ship now or wait for another job to come up that I might be interested in.

I am also in the semi finals of the league cup and won the first leg 3-1.
Don't go to Bilbao ~ it's a great save to do, but it is also a very long term save, as most of the fun is because you have to plan for the future as there might not be a quality Basque player you can just go out and buy. If you want to manage Bilbao, have another save, as you said you want this to be a journey man career :)
Keep waiting. If you stick with your team and pull off incredible results you'll be managing a great English club.

I've only ever done journey man careers on FM and staying at your club until being approached is generally the only best way for ascension.