What to look for in an Assistant Manager?


Aug 29, 2012
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Im playing as Leeds in the Prem now and my current manager is retiring at the end of the season. So i will be looking for a new one. Any tips one what to look for?

Id like to have Lucas Radebe as my assistant, Leeds legend an all, but hes not got the greatest of attributes. Can i send him to get his coaching badges and will that boost his Atts up abit?

One last thing. Why does it say on the boardroom page the advise me to have 2 Assistant mangers but when im about to sign someone the board turn cancel it.

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1) just look for one with good tactical knowledge if he applies opp instructions, good man management and good motivating if you let him do team talks as well, bonus if he has good det/discipline stats and good training category as well!

2) I honestly was going to ask the same things, its been bugging me for a week now! always allows you to have 2 AM's but when you offer for a 2nd, its rejected! I know in Brazil (I think) you can always have 2 AM"s
If I remember right, the reason it lets you sign two AssMan's is because you can have one for your Under-18s too. I could be wrong, but this always seemed quite logical to me.
yeah, under 18s assistant manager counts as another assistant manager. a bit misleading rlly.
Can you actually hire one? Never tried as I'm only recently allowed to hire a second.
The two assistant managers means a Senior one, and a U-21/19/18 one. There are teams with two first team ***. Managers at the start of a new game like Monaco, but if you sack one you can't sign a second first team one.
Nigel Gibbs, say no more, does not ask for high wages, got all the right attributes(motivating, tac knowledge also judging player ability and potential), I try to get him every time
So you can hire 2 assistant managers, but you can't assign them their jobs. Good job SI...