Nov 9, 2009
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For example:
If i started my game and loaded the german first division only and i played with any team (ex: Hamburg) and i was regelated there is no second division . Will I be sacked or what will happen?
Your game would die! :'(

Nah, not too sure to be truthfully honest. If you got relegated with Hamburg I'm sure you'd be sacked anyway.
You get sacked, no matter what. Once you get relegated, and there is no league below (happens when you have all leagues loaded, and you get relegated from the bottom league as well), you get the sack. My friend took charge of a team in the lowest league in England (he had the Level 11 or whatever edit as well) who was meant to come last. He came third last I believe, but was still relegated, but still did a good job considering.

Immediate sacking.

It's to prevent you managing in a non-existent league.