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Aug 1, 2012
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I have changed Folgore in the Campionato Sanmarinese group A's youth recruitment network to 20, junior coaching to 20 and youth and normal training facilites to 20. ( Everything is the best, except coaches as I can't pay them). The question is will the players I get on youth intake day be like that of say Barca, Man utd or Lyon or will they be to the ability of my league which is half star one like 290th in the world or something.
For example if you were Barca and you got a player and he had 2* current 4.5 star potential. Would I get a player like that and he would be 5* and 5* or would mine be toned down to my league? Sorry if I'm not being clear. Also I used the editor you get from steam but what is FMTRE is that the editor I'm using?
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