Apr 14, 2009
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Just need some help on signing players to help me stay in the premiership this season, any advice would be good aswell, I've already played 2 games, 1 draw and 1 heavy loss against tottenham (6-2).

This is my squad in 2 parts because it's that big :)

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I have already brought some players in, I have 3.2 million to spend due to me already spending some.

Any help would be nice, thank you (H)
Tbh before you look to bring anymore in i`d get rid of afew. Players will only get unhappy and maybe disrupt things for you, also you`ll need to get the wage bill down and raise some funds.

I`ve managed Burnley myself, i got rid of Cort and Edgar straight away. I`d look at letting Alexander go, aswell as Iwelumo as you can get a better striker than him. Fortunately i brought in Griffiths and Kadlec so that decision was an easy one for me. I also let Jensen go, with Grant as my number 1 and he didn`t do badly at all .. infact quite surprised me. Have you sold Easton? I wasn`t a fan of Fox either, i sold him for about 1.5mil and used Easton at LB (during first season) and he`s kept the position ever since, he`s a very good player indeed.
I've got fox because he's a decent lb and kept wallace as backup and a good left midfielder, I'll sell cort and edgar and let alexander go now.



this is my Burnley team :) 2nd season
I advanced pretty easy to premiership i had maby 20 points more than the second one...
I used the budget wisely ...
Bought young players cheap and they will become world class players in a few seasons...
A must buy are Griffiths and Verrati...
Griffiths scored over 40 goals ind the 2nd division and Verrati is a beast as you can see...
I think Burnley is the easiest team to manage from the Championship
Good players-Decent for premiership and to stay there :)
Good budget for wisely buys :D