What would you like to see in FM2008


Jun 1, 2006
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Well i thought i'd start a discussion to see what everyone would like to see, be kept in or ditched in FM2008.

I personally would like to see the players be less sensitive, for example if you win 1-0 at home and say you have done well, and do this more than once your players begin to moan and get concerned that you don't give enough credit. What a bunch of whiners lol.
I'd like to see a new interface, one that actually looks good and one that allows for pretty skins to be made easily. Oh and for Liverpool to have a transfer budget of more than £8m.
Better player interaction, not just saying they're playing well or ****.
do have some successful appeal against ban..

i don have any till now.
Aye they can be successful, just 1:100 ratio I bet, had only ever the one, was canny shocked too!! be good to see the likely chance of over turning daft red cards to happen in the next one though!

Must admit i've not really thought much about the next game yet, happily playing a net game on FM'07 :)
Hmmm maybe for teams to stop enquiring after player even though you say the player is not available every few days...sigh.
Another lil thing that annoys me is when the press ask you about almost every player on your shortlist, and sometimes it's like 3 days in a row or something stupid.
Yeh I think it would be nice to have like categories in your shortlist or something for players who you are just keeping an eye on, players who you want, etc.. Because I add people who I sell just so I can see how their career goes and it's annoying getting linked with them.
Be nice that if your on a roll the media dont ask you how you think your going to do next match nearly every single game of the season with the few same options their is to pick............ :bomb: