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Jan 10, 2010
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Hi All Fm-Base Members. Im opening this thread to find out the year you are in on FM11.

I will add my Screenshots when I load FM up.
I'm currently in the 2026 season and doing pretty dam well with me created club |)
2010. Just started a new game with Bromley. Hoping to win my first game now :D
2013 with Everton, doin amazingly, see my story for more details ;)
Im Lincoln Just started tbh. I started unemployed as a Semi-Pro Rep. I will post screenshots when i get further into my game.
In my very first game I am in 2014-2015 season.
Going through a phase of making new games now though with random clubs, Leeds, Man City, Aston Villa, B'ham City, Southampton etc. Can't seem to settle with one game! :(
Trust me when you find a club that you like to play as it is fun.
I'm normally lower league sides that don't have much money to spend at all, so thought i'd give myself a break from that and manage teams with some cash.
Quite enjoying my Manchester City game, even though it's not much of a challenge..
December 2010. The winter transfer window is approaching and I need a right back for my Dortmund side. Badly. My only decent right back, Owomoyela is injured for a couple of months. The only other player in the squad that can play right back is a winger. :S
2019, 2020 in a month looking at jobs to move onward with my career!