Sep 15, 2005
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I was bored earlier so I decided to download WhatPulse again.

What is WhatPulse exactly?
The purpose of WhatPulse is simply to collect statistics about your computer behavior. Some people use it to determine how long they've worked on something, like a programming project, a school essay, chatting by all means.

How does it work?
WhatPulse opens a so-called "keyhook" when it's booted, which listens to incoming Windows messages about the keyboard, the keyhook sends these messages to the program itself, and the program first determines if the key pressed is a proper key (Every standard keyboards' keys are counted) and then simply does PreviousKeyCount + 1.

So yeh basicly it's completely pointless but if you want to sign up then go ahead, if you fancy joining a Team then Team Handsome (my team) is still around if you want to join.

And for all you people who are thinking "oeh mi god a keylogger, no way!", well, exactly, No way. WhatPulse is not and never will be any sort of keylogger, it does not collect the keys you type, but only how many keys you type.
Need a password to join Team handsome lee.
Ok, I've got rid of the password (i think). :)
sounds very pointless and lame to be honest with you
Yeh it is extremely pointless. But fun in a weird non-existant way :D