whats out ?


Sep 28, 2005
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Hav any of u seen any good films that are out atm that are any good apart from Wallace and G ???

kinky boots was meant to be ok....i wanted to see 4 brothers but its left out UGC :(
Four Brothers is pretty good, go to the Showcase to see it. It's probably on up there.

The new Tim Burton film looks alright aswell.
looking at ugc, lord of war looks about the only thing id go see
I quite fancy Goal, Apart from that there isnt much

Untill Narnia that is :D
Saw 4Brothers last night. It was o.k not goin to win many Oscars though
i saw 40 year virgin the other week, first half was funny but the second half got corny and was pretty average. Ending was just stupid.
New Harry potters ****....he cuts out about half of the book and butchers the original lines...its pretty poo
yeah, the new Harry Potter films misses out alot of what was in the book, but what was in the film was done pretty well...
Ron says **** off :O

You should have walked out of the film Douy in a mad rage
i was going to, but i was too offended to get up
Ive been watching a few movies recently.

Revolver : 4/10 : ****!, its nto really about anything, one fo those films that youre meant to tthink about but i dont have a clue what im meant to think about :p But it does Have ***** from The Sopranos and has one good scene with the hitman guy.

Goal : 6/10 - Pretty much the ususal sports film.

Saw II : 6/10 Decent watch, Saw 1 is better
I watched Doom recently, It's average at best. Warning, reading may spoil, if you want to see it and have not yet then stop reading now.

I never played the recent Doom game much so i'm not sure if the storylines are the same but in the movie they are working at an archaeological dig and discover human remains with a 24th chromosome and manufacture it, test it, mutate from it and kill. Then Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and his military unit go to the dig and are sent in to rescue the survivors and the 24th chromosome sample. There is one cool scene I was impressed with where it's filmed in an FPS view with just the gun infront of the camera, it lasts for about 5 minutes and was the highlight of the film.

I've also seen Crash today on DVD and thought it was a cracking film, it's mainly about discrimination, Well worth a watch.
I've seen Crash and as I said after watching it at the cinema: There's too many people 'fighting the power'. Apart from that it was pretty good.
I want to see Just Like Heaven :) It looks so beautiful.....
Wooo Craven i Downlaoded that the other day, still to watch it (crash that is)

Prolific director Michael Winterbottom is unafraid of mythologising a slice of recent musical/cultural history in this comedy drama, which tells the story of the rise and fall of Manchester's Factory Records and the world-famous Hacienda nightclub. Using TV presenter and Factory impresario Tony Wilson to tell the tale - often directly to camera - is the movie's masterstroke. Wilson, played with relish by Steve Coogan, is in real life a self-publicist of gigantic proportions, so when he compares shambolic Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder (an uncanny impersonation by Danny Cunningham) to WB Yeats, you take it with a pinch of salt but buy into it anyway. Unlikely to make sense to anyone who didn't experience the music and mania of the "Madchester" years - and yet bound to enrage those who were there with its flippant abuse of documentary truth - this is an infectious, well-cast blend of evocative energy, fine vintage music and irreverent humour.

It mainly focuses on Happy Mondays and Joy Division so something froeveryone. Also Mani makes a cameo