whats the brazillian leagues like ?


Aug 12, 2010
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i was thinking about starting a new game starting in december 2010 i think ? :p and i would just like to know if its any good ?

i want to manage santos do they get a good wage budget and transfer budget ?(at the start and over following seasons)

are there any players whos contracts expire in 6 months from january who would join santos ?

do other brazillian players cost a lot to buy eg manoel ect ? :p

cheers :)
Santos is a pretty fun team to manage. There is a ton of young talent on that team.Neymar, Henrique, Alan Patrick Ze Eduardo, Kerrison, plus a few more. If I remember correctly the wage budget is pretty low and you have a little over 500k transfer budget. I only signed a couple of free transfers the first year but used mainly the existing players. The 1st 11 is solid. The back four do a great job on defense. I really liked Dracena and Durval . The mids and forwards are young and exciting but at times they can be inconsistent in their scoring. Kerrison is a good young striker that is there on loan. When they are clicking its pretty exciting to watch.

If you like to be a big player in the transfer market you may not enjoy it, but if you like to manage game situations and develop young players then definitely give them a go.

Be prepared though, all that young talent draws a lot of attention from the big boys. I managed to keep them all together for the first season but I'm not sure if I can do it again with the payroll restrictions.