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What's the difference between Editor and In-Game Editor?


Nov 8, 2014
Alright so I've never used the editor before and probably will this year so from my understanding..

The Database Editor/Main Editor you basically can create players, leagues and teams am I right? And the In-Game Editor you can transfer players freely and change attributes?

So I was wondering if I wanted to change transfer budgets and chairman's (it's for an experiment) do I have to pay $5 or is it available in the free editor?

Also so about changing teams into different leagues for example Reading (my favourite team) into the Premier League will I have to use the in game editor or just the normal one?

And another question: with the transfer players is there a way to just transfer them on the database editor or do you HAVE to use the in game editor?


- Weiry(1)


Jun 28, 2014
Okay so I've never used the in-game editor but I've used the databse editor. But I think/hope I can answer your questions anyway.

In the database editor you can basically change every single aspect of the game that you can think of. So yes you can change the transfer budget, chairman and moving teams to different leagues in the free database editor. But then you need to make all the database editor changes before you create your save for it to work. With the in-game editor you can make changes whenever you want to in your save but it's more limited compared to the free editor. For example I'm pretty much 100% sure that you can't move a team to another league in the in-game editor.

So basically if you just want to fix everything before you start playing the game with your team then the free database editor will work for all the things you want to change. But if you want to change for example your transfer budget in the second season, then you'll need the in-game editor.