When did player wages get so out of hand?


Jul 2, 2010
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Without wishing to go on an Ian Holloway-style rant the wages in my game are getting nuts!

I am in season 2016/17 - 7th season in. I'm playing as Spurs. At the beginning of the game I went into the editor and added £100m (greedy, I know - spent (most of) it on Dzeko, Jack Rodwell and Darijo Srna) and changed the expansion capacity on White Hart Lane to 200k without changing the current capacity.

I signed Christiano Ronaldo last season for £26m or so - he fell out with Real over something and they offered him to me! I nearly fell of my chair when I saw his wage demands - £350k/week! The maximum the board would allow was £215k/week and I finally managed to get him to sign with a £100k/appearance bonus.

I bought Dzeko in the first season and had him on something suitable like £150k/week. He's now 30 and his contract is up for renewal at the end of this season. I walked away from the table when he demanded £300k/week but ended up signing him in the January window at the maximum I could get the board to sign which was £225k/week and £45k appearance. To be honest he'd just had a 49-goal season and, as at 21st January, he's on 30 this season so there's no way I could let him go, but still...

Messi was the same. Barcelona offered him a few seasons ago for £20m which I immediately offered but then couldn't get anywhere near the £350k/week he was on at Barca!

It's not just the big names either, which would at least be not so bad. All my half decent youth players are on £30-£50k/week. The really good ones, still only 21 or so, are more like £70k/week. I remember the good ole days of having Super Mario Balotelli on £10k/week for the first 4 years or so in FM09!!!

The other thing that hurts is the signing on bonuses. The big names are requesting £15m as a bonus, with £7m for the chuffing agent! You can hammer them down a bit but not too much. I have apparently paid £71m to agents in 6 and a half years!

Now, I'm winning lots of trophies, and getting the payouts. I also have a ground that is being increased by 16k seats a year. But until this year I was never making a net profit (**** those shareholder dividends!). I wondered if other people with smaller grounds were having this issue or are the players only making the demands because they know I can afford it?

Rant over.
youre lucky man. when i try'ed to sign messi with liverpool in 13/14 he was asking for 480k and a signing bonus of 21 million. i feel where youre coming from though.SI are definately going to restrcture the agents part of the game. also in a sort of unrelated topic id like to see AI transfer fees more realistic.kinda of irritating seeing seydoui doumbia(sp) being bought by barcelona for 25 million pounds
I was at Inter once, and after a tycoon takeover I went for 2016 Lionel Messi, he was 28ish and only had a year left on his contract (still cost me 70m), and he originally wanted 475k p/w :/

I got him down to 325k ofc because Marcellus Wallace dont like being ****** by anybody except Mrs Wallace
A 34 year old Ronaldinho demanded £380k p/w. ;)
screw that!;)

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couldnt get near aguero's 350k per week so ended up giving him 100k appearence and 50k goal bonus, he scored a lot, that must of cost me a ton!
You edited your budget to 100 million - you shouldn't have much trouble paying any wages tbh :p
ahem yes well about that! I haven't gone bust yet so maybe the hundred mill is helping somewhat...
Top players I can somewhat understand, what I don´t understand on the other hand is when not so good players tend do be little greedy bastards.

Like when I was about to sign Cleverly and he wanted something like £130K, my plan was £40K backup player..