When do you guys loose passion for your saves?


Apr 11, 2024
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First, I must say I am playing FM since FM2005. Since then I am playing every version each year. Fair to say as I was kid I was always getting big teams and still enjoying it but as I grow up I realised that there is nothing more entertaining then getting lowest possible teams and start conquering the football. So, last fms:

FM2023 - started with low Bulgarian team and managed to win multiple CL and absolutely dominant in the league. Got bored after 20 seasons.

FM2024 - this is the problem. I got Yeovil in lowest possible playable league (7th tier). 25 years later I have 3 CL and 6 PL titles. Becoming dominant in England not because I am way ahead of other but because there is no real competitior - all top teams play bad. But the passion I have for this save is bigger and bigger. I really enjoy playing with my intakes and bringing best talents in the world. I don't buy expensive players unless they are top top talents.

So my question is - do you guys have saves that you never lost passion about playing them? What is your story behind these saves?