True Hero

Jan 25, 2013
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First of all, I don't find this game too hard. In fact, I've gotten Mansfield promoted to the Championship in consecutive seasons so I'm doing something right.

I just find it strange that, I usually get around 4 losses a season and when I lose, I get utterly demolished. As in 5-1, 4-0 and even a 7-0 loss to York of all teams. Just find it strange, even though my players morale is high and they bounce back next week when things go against them, the team utterly falls to bits :D

Gotta admit I don't find it that annoying. I can take an embarassing loss or two as long as I win the league at the end :) Just so strange that my team who usually play well, can have such utter stinkers. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Random huge losses with otherwise good times?
I often get beaten 5-1, 4-0 a few times every season despite performing really good. For me, it's the combination of some players being complacent and some getting frustrated and anxious with being 2 goals down. In combination with my high pressing, big energy system, my hole aproach falls apart when 5 out of 11 players don't actually close down or perform. Then I see these kind of results. On the other hand, I tend to win about 10 matches every season by big numbers because the opponent don't act as a team. Many are the games where they just the **** for life after I have scored 3-0.