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Dec 7, 2010
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Ive played Football Manager for years now and Ive just realized i have only probably completed about 7 of my 100's of saves and only got promotion with 3 and all through the playoffs, ive got a cousin who gets promotion for fun, he took Harrogate town to the prem and in the champions league, with a constant string of promotions season after season, when i ask whats he doing different to me he says nothing, Im a really big fan of Football Manager and seeing people get promotion for fun makes me very frustrated, so this is what i generally do when i go with a club :

.Change the backroom staff
.Sign about 4-5 players
.I dont play many friendly's
.I choose the best formation for the team
.Play my mediocre season and quit half way through
During my games i constantly change From Standard > Attacking etc ...
And Should you change my team instructions of let everything go on Default ?

Any Advice, Tips or Guides Would Be Helpful !
Aug 17, 2010
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1. u dont realy have to change the whole staff, just a few ins to help in training or for scouting.
2. doenst really matter, but the thing is did u sign quality players for ur team to help succeed ur ambitions
3. have at least 7-10 friendlies before regular season starts. it vital , cuz it help bring back match fitness to ur team on the up coming season. (it will also tell where ur weak at and its a good time to to sign in players)
Feb 6, 2009
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1) dont give up
2) download tactics from the site, I will give you a few below to see which formation you like etc.. use them for a while then you can start tweaking them to your liking and team and you can learn that way
3) sign players that you can afford and that will add to your team, do not sign players for the sake of signing players, if you like good youngsters then invest in them and rotate them in :)

4) play as many pre-season friendlies as you can (not to tire your team out though or risk injuries) so they can become as fluid as possible in your tactic (match prep) set to team blend until December
5) ask your best players to recommend players for you, this for one builds up good relations with your best players (if you sign them) and will give you extra options when looking for players, (if you need certain players, just PM me :) do the same with coaches...
6) assign all your coaches to their best training positions, if you need to fill in certain positions like tatical, fitness etc go into staff search and click filter out unrealistic targets and set attributes to 16 of determination, motivating, discipline :) and go from there.. if you need more specific coaches go through the list below

7) do not give up if you lose the first 3 games or so, you will never learn the game if you just give up, go on and persevere this will only make you a better manager, if you get fired, look for another job and take it as if you were really this guy and in his position :)
8) download training schedules and import them into your game, add the players correctly to the specific training regimes and this will make setting up training easier for you :)
9) play players in the correct roles/duties when using a tactic or making a tactic, you cannot expect Andy Carrol to fill the poacher slot in a tactic and expect him to perform :)

10) good luck and don't give up :) it is rewarding once you know what you are doing, if you have any questions, feel free to PM and I will gladly get back to you :) below are very helpful threads that you should go through and use as mentioned above as well:

Raikan007's Wonderkid Shortlist v1 - Downloads - Football Manager 2011 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats - FM-Base
Jun 18, 2011
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It seems the guy above has everything you really needed so I only tell my best tips to win.

+There is no such thing as best formation for the team. Each formation and tactic counter each others in different ways. So you should have 1 offensive, 1 basic ( the main formation you use ) and 1 defensive-counter formation (only use in desperate match when you have very low chance of winning and seeking a draw )

+ The same formation can vary hugely if you assign different role for your players. For ex: A deep lying play maker and an advanced play maker are 2 different entities, a winger and a wide middle fielder can bring a huge different in tactic, so do a defensive middle fielder and an anchor man. So my suggestion is: For the same position you should have players suitable for different roles, it will increase your options and make your tactic more flexible. My key to success with the most basic formation 4-4-2 (in my opinion, it's the most complete and balance formation in football ) is very simple with 3 type of rotations

+ Mid field rotation between my advanced, deep lying play maker and my central, ball wining middle fielder. For ex: Against strong teams play super offensive 4-2-3-1 I use 1 ball wining and 1 deep lying, set tactic to exploit the flank and have my wingers as main attacking outlet. Against super defensive teams I use a central mid and an advanced play maker. Normally I use a ball wining and an advanced.

+ Wing rotation: I normally use 1 support and 1 attack winger, but I also have 2 wide middle fielders with very high work rate, their sole purpose is for the mid field battle against team who pack their mid field with 5 players or more. I also use my wide middle fielders when the opponent play mainly through the center (so that they can fight for the ball and cover for my wingbacks who will constantly overlap for crossing ).

+ Forward rotation: One of the most important: I have 3 favorite combination in this one: deep lying/ advanced forward ( for normally use ). Targetman/ poacher (For counter attacking oriented matches, work well with a deep lying playmaker ). Complete forward attack/support (for heavily defensive teams ).

It's fairly simple yet very effective, the flexibility comes from the simplicity, at least for my no fancy 4-4-2 tactic it works well in long term (at least against the computer ). If you are not a complex thinker or a master mind tactician, you should give a try. Please note that it's possible to use one player for different roles so you may not need to turn your team into an army.

+ Another tip is instead of trying to make an all star team, you should invest more in some roles and less in others. Choosing and using your key players wisely and let your whole team rotate around them. I usually have 4 key players: The fast striker/main goal scorer (who can be good advanced forward, poacher, it's hard to get a good complete forward ), The deep lying play maker (most deep lying can also play central mid if needed ). The central defender (Usually do cover duty for the *** saving situation ) and the goal keeper (a good goalkeeper is a must if you want to success ).

There are few thousands other tips but these are my most simple and useful. Good luck then.