Where Are You Pre-Ordering FM From?


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Sep 16, 2005
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Welll the cheapest place is :


I wasn't sure at first how quickly i would get the game, as ive enver ordered off there before so I emailed them :

Hi Gregor,

Thanks for your e-mail. The game is due for release on Oct 20th; we expect
to ship our orders out a few days before this date as we aim to have them
with customers on the actual release date. We cannot give a 100% guarantee
regarding delivery on the release but the vast majority will arrive:)

If you require any further assistance don't hesitate to drop me a line.


Colin Porter, Customer Care


So it seems to be the best option

BTW its £18 off sendit compared to play etc which is 25
Ive always pre-ordered it off Play and have done again even though they've upped the price by £5 like you said grr!! Least you know with play it will arrive on time. And cba registerin w/ someone else :)
ive just preordered it at a computer game shop in leeds as they wont deliver it to my accomodation as its a brand new build and my credit card aint registered here they wont deliver it here

the game shops a 2min walk away so can just go get it whenever i want :)
Im just gonna drive upto Game which is about 2 mins away from my works so i know i will get it on time :D
Think I'm just gonna buy it from a shop as well. I usually pre order my games from play though and they come on or before the official release..which is nice.
Greg only posted this cos link is a referal for his cashback lol.

Play i normally use....but i have no money!
nah I actually posted it cos it WAS the cheapest, thewyve put the price up to 23 quid now.

Also was a nice cowinkydink that it was on cashbag :)
Yeah i noticed price had gone up...obviously everyone buying it from there so they raised so it was still lower than play, but making £5 more a pop!