Dec 11, 2010
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Right, you put down your team and others suggest where it can improve.
I'll start it off. This is a format but it's not too strict. You don't need the whole squad just the players you use quite alot.

Leeds United. Season 2010/2011.

Goalkeeper's: K.Schmeichel, Tony Sylva.
Right-Backs: Kurt Elshot, Kyle Walker(loan).
Centre-Backs: Jose Goncalves, Leigh Bromby, Neil Collins.
Left-Backs: Use Kyle Walker mostly, Fedrico Bessone.
Defensive-Mids: Peter Luccin, Enzo Maresca, Amdy Faye.
Centre-Mids: Howson, Bradley Johnson, Kilkenny.
Attacking-Mids: Ailadiere, Magnus Eikrem(loan), McCormack.
Strikers: Griffiths, Bechio.

Formation: 4-2-2-1-1
My barcelona team I am in 2015

GK V.Valdes

DL D.Criscito---------DC G.Pique-------DC A.Fontas-----DR D.Alves

MR L.Messi--------MC J.Mascherano------MC M.Essien------ML G.Bale

---------------------------ST G.Higuain---------ST G.Pazzini---------------------

Sub 1 M.Guareschi GK
Sub 2 C.Puyol DC
Sub 3 A.Iniesta MC
Sub 4 M.Balotelli ST
Sub 5 V.Larsson DC
Sub 6 Andre WB/M/AM(L)
Sub 7 L.Castaignos ST
RSV D.Villa
RSV E.Cavani Where can i improve
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My United team 2013/2014
Nani Marin
Rooney/babacar Hernandez
one of barça's future stars.

Were did you let xavi? you should put thiago into your squad he is great
I let xavi go to some turkish team and i sold thiago to chelsea

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So where can i improve
For the Barca team are year are you in ??

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My United team 2013/2014
Nani Marin
Rooney/babacar Hernandez

Neymar and De Gea
Well for my opnion, why are you playing 2 destroyers in the MC? Iniesta would be epic beside essien or marscherano..
iniesta is getting too old and every time i play him he dose not play well
my Man Utd at start of 2013/2014 season:

De Gea
Rafael Matip/Evans Vidic Evra/Digne

M.Sissoko Anderson / K.Asamoah

Alexis Sánchez Pastore Bale