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Aug 24, 2009
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Can anyone here help me please? I have been playin Football manager from the beginning even when Si developed Championship Manager. In all but FM 2011 there has been an overview option on the squad screen. This made it so you could view your squad in a two column format, this was my prefered view and its gone!!! :mad: Can anyone help me find a way of adding it back in or maybe point me in the direction of a skin that has it available? Thanx guys!
That is a great shout Wallace. I actually kept playing FM10 for a while even after I purchased FM11 because it annoyed me so much at first. Although I am now playing FM11 it still irks me that they have removed something that has been in it for decades! I've played with a split screen view since Champ Manager '93 so to remove it suddenly has taken lot of getting used to. Does anyone know why this has been removed? Please please bring it back in FM12!!
Come on! someone out there must be able to help with thie problem!
I'm not currently on my home computer so can't check on FM. But the view does exist. Just click on the View Drop Down menu and there is an option where you can have old style Championship Manager layout.
Actually my apologies, I can't seem to find the view either. They must have removed it. Unless anybody else knows better?
Thanx guys for the replys! Maybe someone that makes skins can maybe add it back in. Unfortunatly I havent got a clue where to start making skins. Thanx again!
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