May 14, 2009
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I´m using a macbook and i have just installed fm2010 on it. I know that on a PC you have to extract all the files into the my documents/sports interactive/graphics folder, but what about on a mac?

Any help would be appriciated :)
Search in Football Manager 2010 > General Discussion for a Mac guide made by Jake :) I don't have a Mac so I dunno mate :(
If you don't find it. just go into documents, sports interactive, football manager 2010 and create a graphics folder.
its exactly the same as windows.

Although i see why you asked, i have a macbook and had problems with most people on windows.
Finder > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > Graphics (Created one if you don't have it) > Face
I think he would have came back to this thread if he was still having problems... no need to revive it from a month ago
i have a mac, its just like windows

documents-sports interactive-football manager 2010-graphics (if missing create it)
Hey, I'm new to FM and after searching, I can see someone else had the same problem. I'm hoping you guys can help me out with this game on my Mac.
The game works fine - downloaded with Steam to my Mac - and I've been able to download training schedules and a skin (Everton, just trying one out) but when I look for the faces I've downloaded, they aren't in the game.
In Path:/Users/myusername/documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/ ... I have the following folders (with their contents in parentheses)
db (empty)
editor data (config .xml)
games (my york city saves and a config .xml)
matches (empty)
skins (config .xml, fonts, graphics, panels, screens, settings, everton)
sounds (default)
tactics (various tactics I've saved)
schedules (schedules)

I've created the graphics folder and placed facepacks in there. Nothing shows up. I've named the facepacks "players", "faces", "pictures" and still nothing shows up. What do I do next? What have I done wrong? Am I missing a config .xml file in my facepack folder? I really have no idea.

I've unchecked and checked the proper boxes in "Display". The players in my facepack file all have .png so I think that's all good.

Gosh I'm frustrated.
Is there even a config file in your facepack folder? If there's no config file then it won't show up in game.
No there isn't. Is that what I need? And where do I get one?
Yes you need the config file. Where did you download your facepacks from?
Well, shoot. I thought I downloaded them from here, a World Cup facepack and a Man U facepack (just experimenting, don't judge me).