Where's my son?


Feb 2, 2014
Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem with my FM14 save.

So I have this regen striker, who's just retired. He spent 12 years at the club (2026/27 to 2038/39), and now that he's retired, I presume I would have my son, having had him retire after 10 years, right? NO.

Now I have a suspicion that because he decided to retire AFTER his contract expired, that he was unemployed when he retired, so that may have stopped him. If so, that is totally unfair, since he did spend the 10+ years required here, and he basically retired at the club, but he retired 13 days after his contract expired.

IF anyone is willing to do me a favour and gift the Son unlockable for FM14 for me (Totally not expecting this at all), then add me: Steam Community :: lewie100

Thanks guys for reading this.