Which championship club should I Be

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Sep 5, 2015
so with the new fm upon us I was wondering what team I should be from the championship. I want to be a championship team beacause I had this really fun save with Nottingham forest but i don't want to be them again so I'm trying to find a club that is simaller to them. When I say that I mean I want a club that is in a pretty good financial state and if you get promoted you will have a big transfer budget (I'm not to fused about that bit but I'm not very good at managing finances) thank u for reading :D(H):D
Sep 1, 2015
You get any team to the Promised Land of the Premier League and it'll be raining money! I got Leeds promoted, and had a transfer budget in the Championship of £150k, got £85 million just in TV rights from the Premier League and had £20 million to spend in the first season in the PL, £55 million in the second.
Hulll are probably the best team in the division on the game so they'll probably be the easiest, if you're after a harder time I think Sheffield Wednesday has a decent budget.


Sep 30, 2009
Hull are the club I'm intending to use for my first game. Been messing around with them. They definitely will not the hardest challenge in the Championship, but there are a few elements that will make for a potentially interesting game. They have money to spend but getting players to join isn't the easiest thing (although that might be standard for Championship clubs). They have a very solid side but there isn't great depth or diversity, which does limit your tactical options somewhat. They have very few promising youngsters at the start - okay, more like none. And the facilities aren't great, so if you are planning a long-term game, you really need to develop them.