May 9, 2013
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I am trying to decide which player I should promote to the first team and which one to sell. Whoever I pick will be my backup Anchor Man.
I want to keep the Spanish kid just because I want to keep the spanish national team filled with Barca players but he is injury prone. Who should i keep?
Thanks in advance!
I would keep the German just because he isn't injury prone as I can't stand having my players get injured all the time
When you say he is injury prone, do you mean your scout has told you that, or he has just got injured a few times? Because although it isn't the same thing, natural fitness is linked and he has it quite high :)

I would keep the Spanish one anyway, not just because he is Spanish - He is also ALOT better, and with careful management you will be able to prevent his injuries interfering too much :)
my scouts say he's injury prone. and he has been injured a couple times a season while playing in my B team. usually 2-4 weeks at a time.
I think you should keep the spanish one as he is way better

off topic: do you find that by keeping them in the b team they develop ?
definitely not as fast as if they were in the first team.
i usually move players to the first team when theyre 19 or 20. if i dont have space, they go on loan to a first division team in spain or germany.
I would say keep the spanish one and play him quite a lot so that he can develop his mental attributes :)