Apr 8, 2013
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View attachment 333336 I have this guy right now. Hes pretty good
View attachment 333337Then i bought this guy for 14 million pounds, thinking it was a super idea
View attachment 333338After a while i forgot i bought Toase and bought this other guy for 11 million pounds.

My problem is that i only use 1 striker and can't have 3 in my squad. What should i do? Should i loan out Vavra or Toase? :mad:
Toase as a deep-laying forward or target man, and the brazilian guy as an advanced forward is what i would go for. Varva as a backup for them both. But - the most important stats are those you can't see, so just keep an eye on their performances.
Yeah i would also do that, but i only play with 1 striker. Therefore they cant play togheter :( You think Toase is better then Vavra?
Vavra keep him and play him as srtiker as I think he is better than Toase so loan him and retrain Lucianinho to play AMR/L as imo I think he would just destroy the defense in that position.
thank you, i think you solved my problem :)


Glad to help let me know what happen and good luck
I was gonna say the Brazilian dude is like the new Ronaldo

Keep him and sell Toase