Apr 19, 2012
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I've had fm 13 for a few months now but I'm actually getting a bit bored. I've started many saves with teams such as Shrewsbury, Man City, Ajax, Las Palmas etc... but all of these have struggled to get off the ground and I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a team that is easy to manage, has a decent team and transfer/wage budget and has a decent chance of winning their league. Recommended teams must be in a continental competition please.
Thanks in advance guys!!
As ajt said, this isn't the right place.

But you say a team with a decent team, large budgets and a good chance of winning their league, but to be honest you can't really get much easier than Ajax or Man City. If you are bored, I'd say do the opposite. Go for a smaller team or a team who are a relegation favourite.

I'd also suggest trying a save with a club with financial problems. I am doing that now and it is quite fun, especially if you are with a mid-table team.
Try Blackburn, I'm Blackburn at the moment and in 6 seasons i've won quite a few trophies. A good choice.
newcastle mate i won the euro league and league cup in first season and finished 3rd cisse is unreal onit
ive started a season with napoli quite intresting aiming for a top 3 spot in 1st season