Which training type for passing ? I find it really confusing


Mar 28, 2013
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Whats the deal with the new team training? I understand how match preparation works but not the other.

I want my team to be barcelona and keep the ball.So which training is ideal for my team? The real barca train on ball control before matches with the circle of players passing the ball between them.Barcelona dont need any match prep as thier game rarely changes as they were that good at one point in 2009-2012.

I cannot decide between tactic,ball control or attacking.Oviously i want good passers and my fullbacks need to work on it and my defenders.Naturally though i buy players high in passing and hopefully technique first touch creativity anticipation and decision and composure.These are really the only things i care about.

But consider this if im buying naturally good passers do i really need to train ball control or attacking? Players in those positions natrually would have most of those stats and would not need to improve them too much and would those attributes not increase anyways from matches?

So why not train in the mental stats that u cannot normally train a person with? You could put everyone on tactics and then individual passing on medium -low.This way all your players have high understanding of passing and decisions and work on thier passing if defenders.

Would doing this cause my defenders to drop in defending stats for mental and passing unless they train on balanced? And whats the deal with balanced? Do u drop in attributes unless you use balanced?