Dec 6, 2008
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Who are they? I'm currently West Ham and I use Andy Carroll as my main striker. I need another Target Man striker who is preferably a Wonderkid :D.

Is there anyone out their already? or do I need to wait for Regens.
Lukaku, but you probably won't be able to buy him for WH, and pricey too.
Quite a pricey option but Benteke is a god in that role, banging them in for my Tottenham team! Another option would be Andreas Cornelius I think his name is, goes very cheap if he hasn't already been picked up by someone. Possibly Nicklas Helenius also.
Not sure if you want someone just over, Tomas Necid is still a decent player
1 other good TM i can think of is Fabrice Olinga (16y, Malaga). This guy is the definition of the TM in my CFR Cluj save. Thanks to him i won the EL and beat Barcelona 2 times in the UCL group, and he rocks in the league. He has a goals scored/games played ratio of over 1. Of course, he is too young at the start of the game.
Libor Kozak, best TM in the game in my experience. Get 10 years out of him.