Louis H

Jan 31, 2009
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Who actually plays FM Live and if you do play what are your team called

Mine are Bristol Bananas AFC
I did. But it sucks really bad. My team was called ObAIMA FC but the game is full of regens!
did play did beta testing but i will looking into coming back on fm live
Never have never will

I will just stick with Football Manager
I'd love to play it again. Stopped playing early into the Beta stages due to not having enough time for it.

It's a very enjoyable game and worth the money in my opinion.
i play using box service so i pay £15 for a 4month subscription and im gonna get it after my b'day when my membership only has a few weeks
FML lover

I just love FML...

Dynamo Podilatou, GW Keane....My subscription ends an Dec 1rst and i will renewal it for 2 more years...
i did buy it but i wasn't you had to pay money, so i took it bacl for an arsenal dvd and an outnumbered series one dvd... happy days:)
To be honest i havent been a fan of FMLive, just easier playing a net game with some friends, so much more fun. hopefully they will improve FMLive, because it has the potential to be a great, fun game.
Been playing fml for about a year now and its awesome

Jackett GW: Barclays United (moderator)
Pearce GW: Real Sweaty Betty's
no point now mate because of the restart in march which sounds good apart from me losing a years worth or skills and my stadium
Every one play. But play differently. i also play but i play cricket. I like football.