Who should I buy to replace Icardi 2nd Season ?


Mar 1, 2014

So I just finished my 1st season with Inter, won serie A by 2 pts and lost europa league final against Porto :S

Most of my key players did great season and asked to leave for bigger clubs.

I sold Perisic for 55M to City
Banega for 35m to Spurs....

Chelsea asked for Icardi and offered 95M, as I'd lost already too many 1st team players I refused the offer but asked for 150m for fun.
Chelsea offered 148M and that's an offer I just can't refuse.

The thing is, Icardi has been a complete beast this season, scoring 35 goals out of 38 matchs.

Do you have any idea of player I could buy to replace him ? I thought that maybe Belotti would do the job, but he seems to have way less potential than Icardi. I just can't buy Dybala from Juve because they will never sell him to inter and I'd like to buy someone below 25 years old.

In my tactic, Icardi was playing as a complete forward in support and I'd like to find a player able to play that way.

Thank you and sorry if there are some english grammar mistakes!