Jan 13, 2011
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Im in my second season with crawley just got promoted to league 2, anyone know any decent players who would actually be interested in joining me? price doesnt mean anything, just aslong as they would discuss contract, also any young players or decent free agents that anyone knows? thanks :wub:
Matthew Barnes Homer did quite well for me at that level, signed for about 50k and had no trouble discussing terms.
Mark Canning
Abdeltareck Sakali
Ismael Fofana
Gifton Noel-Williams
Leo Aro
Febian Brandy
Tom Parrat (SPELLING) Right back
Kingsley Grandison Right back
Lucas Digne (Man utd) loan left back, he does sign for you!!!
Liam O'brie/an Goalkeeper loan
Download some of the Free Agents shortlists, theres loads on here, served me well.
Best free transfer for LLM is Gauthier Mahoto. Free at the start, with about $1k p/w wages. You can beat the big teams to him by offering key player status. He will stay with you through the leagues and become a good prem player.

Signed him for Cambridge United and he is immense
Try to get Chamberlain on loan from Southampton. If you cover his wages, I'm pretty sure he'll come to you.
Oxelaide chamberlain from southampton either on loan or transfer, £50 a week wage on ipod