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What team are you using and where are you in the league? Brought any decent players they any good?

I've cheated on FM for the first time at the start of my first season I sold a goalkeeper in Northampton U19's to chelsea for 99M because i got most of my players on free transfers last season I still had most of it to spend at the start of league 1:

These are a few I know i've signed a few goalkeepers and midfielders from Serie C1

Mark Pembridge - Fulham got relagated have to buy them compensation
Lean Osman - 5M Everton relagated
Paul Willis - 250K Liverpool
Oscar Diaz - 2.5M ( I think ) Real Madrid Reserves
Martin Ericsson 5M bronby
Neil Mellor - 5M Liverpool/Wigan

Quite a few more I don't know what to do I've had offers from Pompey, Man City and Man Utd for Ebanks but refused all the offers not wanting to become un popular but now I need at least 2 more strikers at the moment I only have Kirk, Mellor and Ebanks. I sent a scout to the world cup and he recomened some player cant member his name but he had a minimun fee realase of 20.5M I knew he wouldnt except the contract but still bid :cool:
Not open for further replies.