Who's been your worst signing so far?


Dec 2, 2023
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Mine is Cameron ******* Archer. I signed him in my 2nd season with Luton, £27m rising to £37m. His stats are pretty much what you look for in an Advanced forward, dribbling and first touch aren't amazing but 17 finishing, 17 composure, good all round physicals, thought he'd be a decent enough signing. He has 'Doesn't enjoy big matches' which I'd normally avoid but I've had Adebayo from the start who also has 'Doesn't enjoy big matches' , yet he top scored for me with 19 in the league and was overall decent. This fraud of a footballer Archer has been anything but decent. 15 starts, 7 sub appearances in the league, a whopping 2 goals. Adebayo who is pretty much worse in every single stat, apart from having +2 on his heading and jumping, has 10 goals from 9 starts 11 sub appearances. I was ranting about him to my mate, who replied, I bought him too but sold him after 6 months because he was ****, wish I'd spoken to him earlier!
I'm sorry I just had to vent this somewhere after the clown was playing another 6.3 before I hauled his *** off.

So who's been your worse signing so far?
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