Why are all loan spells described as unsuccessful?


Feb 6, 2013
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Is it just me, or does this happen for everyone? All loan spells, not just my players going to other clubs or other clubs loaning players to me, but all loans, are ultimately described as "unsuccessful", no matter how many appearances, assists or goals. ****, I took a player on loan and he picked up a Europe League medal but the loan spell was still, apparently "unsuccessful". What would constitute a successful loan?
Yes happened to me as well.I sent a young promising midfielder to a second division side, he had 38 appearances,grabbed few goals and around 13 assists and still his loan was described as unsuccessful.No idea why.
I think it depends on the team. Some of my U-18s go on loan to League One or Two sides, and they usually get "Unsuccessful loan spell". When I sent Fierro to Inter on loan(Where he scored about 30 goals and won Serie A) it never said anything. Just depends on the team.
I had a 17 year old Regen go to Italy, win the Leauge, Cup and Europa League, made 50+ appearances (in all comps) scoring 20+ goals with a 7.5 adverage rating and still got the "unsuccessful loan spell" message. I think it's a bug, reported it and stopped paying attention to it.
Same problem with a plate I sent to Twente on loan. Won player of the player, scored more than 15 goals and had more than 20 assists. Still classed as unsuccessful. Pretty annoying. Wouk this impact on his morale, I didn't check. His progress wasn't hindered so I wasn't too fussed
Would it not depend an depend only on his increase in Current Ability ?