Why are draws so bad?


Sep 3, 2023
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1st season in the Premier league with Havant and Waterlooville. We have no business being there, media predict dead last, 5000 seater stadium, championship level players, the works.

Anyway we manage to survive, but was constantly bombarded by bad press.

"Havant and Waterlooville still seeking first win in 12"

They dont mention that I have drawn the last 10 of those, including against top 4 teams. Seriously, in this position as a fan, a 1 1 draw against man u away would be insane!

If you have all draws in your form it effects player morale. Again... This is the best these players will ever perform before i bin them off. Enjoy it.

I think what I am saying, is why don't all these systems take predicted performance into account? The board gets it... They love me.
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I think I agree with this right here. Yes, it’s ******* amazing that they’re getting points at all but it’s like qualifying for Europe; you GOTTA start winning those 50/50 matches and getting those tough points. A slew of draws is impressive but dangerously close to “the last points earned were a stretch of draws” https://omegle.onl/ vshare .
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