Oct 30, 2012
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Barca produce the best players in the world and have the best academy system along with being arguably the best team in the world. So why are their coaches so bad in the game?
Are they? I never play as Barca. I would think, though, with their reputation you won't have any problems signing world class coaches.
I've been at Barcelona for about 6 seasons now and I havent touched the coaches, I've obviously added to them with better coahes but I haven't fired anyone yet! Mind you I didnt look at all there attributes in great detail. I have no problem at all with my players getting better in training.
Indeed they are poor, think I only kept one in my Barca save.

Fortunately doesn't bother me, but is odd.
I always get my backroom staff to appoint coaches as they sign much better ones than I would normally sign.
Yeah I noticed this as well, apart from a few scouts they are pretty terrible..